Hulled sunflower seeds


Hulled sunflower seeds

-Product: 100% sunflower kernels
-Color: gray-white to light gray Broken kernels: less than 10% (smaller than ? seed) Broken kernels: maximum 5% broken (larger than ? seed)
-Humidity: to 10%
-Purity: 99,9%
– correspond to EU and Bulgarian law norms Microbiological indexes: up to the requirements for sale in the European Union.

Product name: Hulled sunflower seeds
Origin: Bulgaria
Color: Bakery grade
Flavor: Typical
Physical Specs:
Purity: 99.95% min.
Chips (less than ½ whole meat): 8.00% max.
Dark Roast: 0.5% max.
Unshelled (pieces/25 kg): 25 max.
Partially shelled seeds (25% or more covered by shell (pieces/25 kg): 150 max.
Microbiological Analysis:
Pathogens: Negative
Aflatoxin: Negative
Salmonella: Negative
 Does the product include GMO Negative
Recommended Storage Conditions:
Temperature: 20º C max.
Humidity: 70% max.
Standard Packing:
Bags: Paper bag of 25 kg net or Big Bag of 1000 kg.
Pallet: Wooden pallet


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